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Hilarity Ensues (HE) is an online gaming guild/clan composed of real-life friends from Los Alamos, New Mexico. We play a wide range of games including: World of Warcraft, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, CS:S, HL2DM and Quake3 Rocket Arena.

Sangpo "the Pod" Dorje

A.K.A.: (HE)PwnedNooblar, (HE)GrandNooblar, Drakx, Elwyn99

Likes: Pockets, napkins and big boots.
Dislikes: Dirty hands.

Jon Brown

A.K.A.: (HE)Daedalus

Likes: Myself
Dislikes: Other People, Cardboard

Daniel "Chili Boy" Ortega

A.K.A.: (HE)Ninja, (HE)Default, Raselix, Gibz

Likes: :D
Dislikes: D:

Chris Stup

A.K.A.: (HE)Evilbob "Not evil but gay."

Likes: Emitting strange odors.
Dislikes: Other people's happiness.

Jesse Gibbons

A.K.A.: (HE)Nobudy, Instagibbons, (BAC)Name?


Quakecon 2006

Quakecon 2005

Quakecon 2004

Quakecon 2003


Misc. Pics :

"Into the West"

NYC with |HE|



Since there really haven't been any questions and definitely no "frequently asked questions" this section is rather empty. It will remain this way until questions are asked or, as sad as it may sound, I get bored and ask my own questions...and then answer them... Oh how sad

  • How do you create the comics?
    I'm still trying to work out a good technique. Generally, I start with rough concept sketches in which story and page layout is determined. I then draw a final draft on regular 8.5"x11" printer paper. I overlay a sheet of tracing paper and ink the drawing using 0.1mm, 0.05mm and 0.005mm SAKURA Microns. Then I scan the inked drawing and color/add dialogue in Adobe Photoshop.


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