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9 Sep 2006 by Jon

Sangpo has informed me that the FIT page is broken in opera, but I think it's worse when working correctly in IE; every page has a totally different layout.

A LAN would be cool, but not this weekend though; there's a giant beer/wine/mead fest in Socorro at the moment. But next weekend I might be able to go up for a night before I have to come back and do homework. I don't have any long weekends until October, sadly.

12 Sep 2006 by Daniel

That is the sorriest excuse for a webpage I've seen in a long time. Not much has happened since I last posted. Jason has stopped by the house, Sangpo uploaded our NYC stuff (good times) and Joel is pissed for whatever reason that Sangpo uploaded that video of us being drunk to Youtube. I, on the other hand, have already posted it in a forum.

Anyway, when's your next big break block Jon? We were thinking of having a lan soon and since we're in ABQ it might be feasible for you to drive out. We do happen to have a decent stock of alcohol that Chris insists on maintaining.

I've been playing alot of Dawn of War and WoW these days. There's an expansion coming out for Dawn of War that looks awesome. I'd say to download the demo of it but, it's horribly limited.

In other news, the roofers are here right now fixing the roof leak. Apparently we had a solar panel on top of our roof which was news to all of us. I finally got almost all of my stuff up here which includes: Various spare computer parts, cds, my dresser, books I've already read, an end table and various console stuff. We're on the look out for a decent sized T.V. for the living room so if you find a cheap one give me a holler.

Oh yeah, Jon, we got our first Jehovas Witness the very first day we moved in. Apparently, they thought we weren't home so they were nice enough to write a note and leave some pamphlets. I'm thinking we should frame the note. And Sangpo, how in the hell did you manage to make that ASCII for the Ventrillo message of the day? That thing is bad ass. Also, check out this comic.

6 Sep 2006 by Jon

Haha, Sangpo got into a school because of affimative action because he's male and asian.

Holy Fraktits, that FIT webpage is ugly.

6 Sep 2006 by Sangpo

Hey all, it's good to hear the news updates from NM! 90 degree angles are overrated and tetrahedrons would be a better unit of measure than the cube..but oh well, whatever the case, sounds like good times out there ^____^

It's been wayyy to long since my last post here, there's a lot to say, but for your sake most stories will be omitted.
Although I was starting to doubt that it would ever happen, I'm finally going back to school. I would be a junior but, sparing you a long dull story about transfer credits or lack thereof, I'm once again a Freshman... I would have never imagined myself going to "The Fashion Institute of Technology" but, if you glaze over the "Fashion" part, you might realize that it is a technology school. Well, a tech school with a lot of chicks...and a really appealing CG/animation BFA program :)
They said that out of 40k applicants only 1600 students were accepted this year...which is kind of disturbing. When I find myself wondering "wtf am I doing here?" I need only remember that statistic to change potential regret into motivation. Today the math teacher said "I know you guys aren't going to be mathmaticians or physicists or anything. So just relax." This is the first math class I've gone to which doesn't require a text book. It's also the first class in which the teacher looks wackier than the students, today his shirt had the McDonald's "M"double-arches logo followed by "Marijuana: over one billion served". He said he'll wear a normal professor type suit on Holloween...

Anyway, uhh yeah, today I did a bunch of work on the server. Gonna follow Daniel's lead by making a list! The updates are:

-> Dedicated |HE| Ventrilo server hosted: pod.podzone.net port: 3784
-> Compiled Quakecon2005 & Quakecon2006 Photo galleries. (NYC pics too *don't have the pics Joel took yet*) check O.
-> ...alright so it's a short, rather pathetic list. <( 9__9)>

Here are a couple recent random sketches:
The scanner isn't hooked up so I had to use my camera for those -__-

Keep up the good posts! Oh, and since we're all over the place now, the ventrilo server will prolly be useful for us. I'll be on it.
Good fun, have luck.

4 Sep 2006 by Jon

Hi dude(s)! I'm renting a house in Socorro with a few buddies (really cheap rent ~500 split three ways), but it's kind of in a seedy neighborhood; So far we've had three beggars knock on our door asking for money/rides, but other then that it's awesome: there's not a single 90 degree angle in the whole house. School's a lot of work as always, and I really haven't had a chance to play any games (other than halo and mario cart) in a while. Thank the heavens for three day weekends.

Also, a few weeks ago I took the GRE General test (similar to the SAT, but for grad school) and did fairly well (perfect in math, in the 53 percentile for verbal). So now I have to go through that whole apply to college thing again... *sigh*

You should post those NYC pics dude!


30 Aug 2006 by Daniel

And we're back!

Well, we as in me I guess. I'm back! Back in the place I just moved into in good ole Albuquerque. What's that smell? The smell of incense. Chris kind of went crazy with it. Hey, at least it doesn't smell like ass. Oh yes, the first month of bills is gonna be crazy. Something like what we're paying in rent. Sad times but, everything should be all set up now! We just have some major house improvements to do(such as fix the roof leak that leaks through the light socket).

I made a list though, I got to scratch taking my cats down here off of it. My list isn't really meant to be taken seriously anyway but, Joel made a fix up list. On the subject of my cats, they hate being locked inside however, there's not much I can do except buy a harness and a rope or something. Otherwise they'll probably get eaten. Let's face it, they're pushing 12 years old. They may have been the head hanchos back where I was living but out here they're just the new pussy. Gimpy is adjusting far better than I expected, she only hide under Chris's bed for one full day and now she roams about the house mainly shedding on Chris's and Joel's stuff because they're allergic.

We do, however, have loads of booze! $16.99 for a 24 pack of Shiner Bock at Costco was god send! We have the lan all set up now! Chris and I even lost to some Dawn of War bots! Joel however didn't want to install it. Just as well, Chris's machine was being brought to a stand still like a mexican stand off. Not good for either party involved.

Looking through the NYC pictures and the movie has been a great blast. I forgot just how drunk those Asahi's got us till I saw that video. Good times! Anyway, I have yet to start school. Chris and Joel are already off but, it seems like there might be a few job opportunities for a guy like me. Such as, setting up a computer lab and online tech support for World of Warcraft and Diablo 2. If I can't get those jobs I can always do a service job. At least I know the ins and sometimes the outs there. Anyway, I should probably be heading to bed. I'll ask Sangpo how to upload pictures on this shindig later because there's a few you have to see. That is, if anyone checks this page anymore. Hey, that's a good idea. How about someone posts when they check the page. Just this once? For me? I have beer...

31 Jul 2006 by Daniel

Worthwhile Webpages(Now with Tags!):

Hope is Emo(Podcast)
Ask a Ninja(Podcast)
Nine Planets Without intelligent life.(Webcomic)
Live House S.S.H.(Video game remixes. Site in Japanese)
OBJECTION! For Edgeworth type (edgey) before your statment, for von Karma type (karma)before(he has different music with (tunes) too) and for music type (tunes) before your statement. Have fun.
Video Uncovered! (Lots of Asian music videos. Youtube links)
South Park Every South Park Episode ever aired.
Sweet emotion! (Objection!)

Worthwhile YTMNDs:

Explains the "NEDM" fad.(YTMND)
Epic Windows XP Manuever.(YTMND)
Dr. Dre Featuring Cosby.(YTMND)
Cosby Bebop(YTMND)
The Sound of Ultimate Suffering.(YTMND)
YTMND Gameboy Edition.(YTMND)
YTMND Happy Edition.(YTMND)
YTMND Japanese Edition.(YTMND)
YTMND is Dangerous.(YTMND)
Math Defeated.(YTMND)
Jack Bauer can't stop Eon8.(YTMND)
Can't stop the rock.(YTMND)
Get to the Choppa(Contra edition)(YTMND)
Nigga Stole Carnegie Hall.(YTMND)
Rave Heart.(YTMND)
Noooler Coaster.(YTMND)
My all time favorite.(YTMND)

Potential for more updates!
And here they are :

YYMND prepares for WW3(YTMND)
Telemarketing has never been so hard(YTMND)
Sonic on telemarketing(YTMND)
Captain Kirk is God. (YTMND)
Sim terrorism(YTMND)
Marty and Doc prevent Scientology(YTMND)

Stay tuned for even more ninja updating.

Staring Contest(YTMND)

17 May 2006 by Sangpo

Hey hey, So meanwhile, back at the ranch...Yep, I'm back in New Mexico. I'll probably be visiting here for about a month. The weather has been nice and I look forward to some awesome LAN party-ness. Posting this message using dialup on an old 366MHz Celeron COMPAQ :( Been playing Oblivion, Black & White 2, and F.E.A.R. singleplayer lately. ggz.

Thanks Jon for hooking me up with this un-noobifying video! Everyone needs to watch 911 Loose Change. It is an extremely interesting documentary that analyzes the events of September 11th. (It might also be streamable from video.google.com)
The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw isn't as in-depth as Loose Change, but is still worth watching.
Then try to find out how many people in the White House are in the elusive "Skull & Bones". Let the conspiracy theories ensue!

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